What is The Time Travellers’ Ball?

Two Wellingtonians had the idea for The Time Travellers’ Ball after moving to Featherston and discovering just what an amazingly creative community it is. The more people we met, the more artists, musicians, craftspeople, historical recreationists, steampunk enthusiasts, and more, we got to know.

The town has been going through a bit of a renaissance of its own recently, with some very innovative and influential people moving here, a beautiful town square being completed, the incredible Booktown event, and wonderfully artisanal shops popping up and raising the profile of the town.

To reflect Featherston’s burgeoning reputation as a creative hub, we wanted to create an event where that creativity can be celebrated not only by the people who have helped shape it, but by the wider community as a whole.

With The Society for Creative Anachronism and Capital! Steampunk having such a strong presence in Wairarapa (by way of Wai Steam), we thought we could combine their love for costume and setting with a formal Ball, and broaden the appeal to everyone who would enjoy dressing in formal historical (or fictional!) attire, and attending an event where they will be wined, dined, and entertained.

Proceedings will begin at 7pm where guests will be welcomed by a complimentary glass of mead. The venue will be decked to the hilt in various decor reflecting different time periods for you to enjoy.

We will have a number of performances staged throughout the night, some of which may or may not encourage crowd participation. But don’t worry, our fully stocked bar will either help you loosen up or give you somewhere to hang back and let others get down with their bad selves.

So again, what exactly is the Time Travellers’ Ball?

We are inviting people to don their best formal attire from (almost) any time period of their choosing; past, future, or fictional. Whether in the form of a 7th Century Mercian prince, a 16th Century member of the Italian nobility, or a 22nd Century captain of an attack ship off the shoulder of Orion. It’s up to you.

What should I not wear?

So remember when we said (almost) any time period? That’s because we get the feeling showing up in a very late 20th/ early 21st Century black tuxedo fresh out of the shop in 2017 would be rather boring, so we are not encouraging guests to come to the ball dressed in anything readily available from a formal dress hire shop in 21st Century New Zealand. We want you to get creative, pick a period you love, and spend a bit of time coming up with a great formal costume you can be proud of and show off to your fellow guests. Costumes from a post World War I-era are not in keeping with the theme of the night, so you’ll be safe so long as you avoid the 20th and 21st Centuries – unless perhaps it’s from the 2096 moonbase chic collection.


Doing it wrong.


Doing it right.

Along with nothing too present-day, we are also discouraging people from attending The Time Travellers’ Ball dressed as their favourite easily attainable cosplay character – we’re looking at you Harley Quinn and Link from The Legend of Zelda. As cool as it would be to host a cosplay event, we feel Wellington’s Armageddon Expo has it covered.

So there you have it, that’s what The Time Travellers’ Ball is all about. If you have any comments or questions then don’t hesitate to contact us through the site, the Facebook, or email us at revels@thetimetravellersball.com

Note: This is an 18+ event.