Did you spot us in Woman’s Day?


So a few weeks ago we were contacted out of the blue by Woman’s Day who wanted to do a piece on our little event. It turned into a two hour interview and a photoshoot, complete with professional hair and makeup. Quite daunting at first, it turned into a really enjoyable experience. Julie, the delightful reporter was interested in the Ball, and more importantly was very interested in Featherston as a whole.

We talked at length, not just about organiser-in-chief Karen’s origins and what inspired her to create The Time Travellers’ Ball, but just how much Featherston has grown in recent years. It got us a lot of great exposure and is something we’ll always be able to show the kids when they accuse us of being old fuddy-duddies!

Buy your copy of Woman’s Day to see the ins and outs of the Ball and meet the people behind it!