Important Update!

In response to a lot of local support and enthusiasm for the ball we want to open up the dress code.

To be clear it is still absolutely formal wear! This is above all else a ball, you are coming here to enjoy the kind of event we just don’t get anymore, sumptuous surroundings, lovely food, fine music you can make your partner waltz you around the room to (and a bit of folk music too). But to make it a little more of an entry level event you can wear anything you like from any era, 20’s 50’s anything from the dawn of partying to the distant future of it.

So no need to freak out about the admittedly daunting task of finding something truly historical, although if that’s your thing there will be many of us in pre-industrial era finery too. I hope this helps allay some of the worries people have had about the dress code.

Maybe next year we’ll go full Rococo but at least for 2017 let’s just dress to the nines in whatever floats your boat, and have a grand old fancy knees up!