Concept Art Released

Preparations are well underway for creating the space the Time Travellers’ Ball will be set in, but to give you a better idea of what we’re creating, we thought we would share some of our vision.

We will be decorating the Anzac Hall in a variety of different styles to reflect a variety of time periods from the past and the future. So we partnered with exceptional concept artist Pedro de Elizalde to give you an idea of the look we are going for with the Ball.

As guests arrive they will be greeted by a cyberpunk dive bar entrance, complete with futuristic advertising, dystopian surveillance aesthetics, and of course, lots of neon:

Anzac Entrance Final

When guests enter the Anzac Hall they will be greeted with a beautifully decked out Georgian-era hallway, replete with portraiture and decor. Guests will emerge to a palatial area of the hall reminiscent of a Persian Shah’s opulent tent. Moving further in, you can enjoy a drink at our wonderfully decorated Steampunk bar as envisioned below:

Anzac Bar Final

Once libation has been acquired, moving further still into the Hall, guests can enjoy food and entertainment from some of the finest chefs and artists the Wairarapa has to offer in the main part of the hall, which, in a cunning display of frugality, we have retained as the original First World War-era spirit of the hall. However the various performances throughout the night will be carried out at the Medieval-style stage:

Anzac Hall Final

So we hope that gives you a better idea of what you’re letting yourselves in for, and gets you as excited as we are for the Time Travellers’ Ball!


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